Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oxfam Vintage Event

I'm a little late writing this but man this was such a good day! :D

Oxfam Ireland in Galway were having a vintage event where they had vintage clothes on sale for seriously good prices and other events going on. We got to get all dressed up! 

I got there early enough to help with the set up and organization. But i didn't have anything vintage to wear! i was very saddened by this. But thankfully the fabulous Dee in Oxfam let me wear one of the dresses which i was planning to buy anyway! Erin showed up too and we got everything set up with the oxfam crowd! The place looked great! 

After everything was all set up Myself and Erin went back to her house to get ready for the big event! :D
We both went with the pokadot look! We were the pokadot parade! haha

My dress cost €6
My bag was €5
and i also got a gorgeous shawl jacket thing for €8

I am completely in love with this <3

I was so happy with my purchases! 

When we got back to the shop, the place was packed with people! it was such a hot day as well so inside the shop was very hot! but so many people came in lovely vintage clothes which was so nice to see! Everyone was so stylish! :D

There were even swing dancers organized to do a dance out the front! 
Which was brilliant

There was lots of food and wine and everyone just seemed to be having a great time! 

Also Dee...the organizer of this brilliant event look absolutely fabulous!

After the main events were over me and Erin snuck off to do a mini photo shoot around the corner. we nabbed some records and the sign from the shop window and ran off for awhile! 
We got some lovely shots! :D

When we got back to the event then we just had a great time chatting to everyone. I had a great time and got to meet lots of new people too! 

To top off the entire evening, at the end of the event they held a raffle! And i won a prize! :D
I was so happy.....I never win anything!

Sunday lunch for 2 in the Harbour Hotel! DELIGHTED!
Erin and I are gonna go some Sunday soon when we're both not busy! 
 Oxfam sure know how to throw a great party, that's for sure! ;P

I'm off to watch some cartoons! 
Night All!


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