Friday, July 12, 2013

Aran Islands Shoot

So finally putting up this post about the most recent photo shoot I did in the Aran Islands.

So myself, Rebecca Horgan and Miguel Justino from LJ Foto went to Inis Oirr Island for a beach photo shoot and also to get some pictures in the rusty shipwrecked boat on the island. Miguel drove us out to get the boat which was called “The Happy Hooker.” Classy I know.

This Boat....

Miguel went straight into the seating area on the boat but Rebecca and I decided to stay out on the deck part outside. It started off really nice. Going along the ocean in the boat and then we saw some dolphins, which unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures off. But as soon as we let our guard down….a massive wave hit us and sent us flying across the boat. The waves got pretty rough. Both me and Rebecca got soaked. Perfect right before a photo shoot! XD

Rebecca and I right before the big wave hit us.

When we finally made it inside there was a bit of peace for a little while (apart from the boat rocking side to side) but then someone ended up being seasick into a bucket in the corner….after that it got pretty disgusting. Of course once one person got sick, everyone started getting sick….I won’t go into too much detail about that but I was thankful to be back on dry land when we got to the island.

We made our way to the local pub where we got a nice cup of tea to warm us up and decided on which outfits we were going to use.

Rebecca did my make up out on the beach against the wind and rain. 
She did a fantastic job given the circumstances.

We got some pretty nice shots out on the beach. The weather was still pretty bad, it was very misty rain. I was fairly cold by the end of the first shoot.

Here's a couple of shots:

After this we made our way back to the pub so i could get changed again. We took a few more shots out on the beach in the next outfit.

On the island there are people running horse-carriage rides around the islands so we hoped on one of those and made our way to the ship wreck. 

The ship wreck was very cool. I enjoyed exploring it as we did the photo shoot. It was completely rusted inside and out.

Here's a few shots from the ship wreck:

Unfortunately, before we could get onto the top deck we had to leave to catch our boat back.
We were picked up by the same man who brought us out on the horse carriage and made our way back.
I was dreading the boat ride....the thought of being on that boat again made me feel sick.
Thankfully the boat back was quite enjoyable and relaxing. Rebecca and I sat outside again but this time the waves were a lot calmer. It was much nicer. 

Rebecca and I enjoying the boat ride back

Our lovely photographer Miguel inside the boat.

We got off the boat and Miguel drove us back to Galway City, I was so wrecked from the day that I slept most of the way back... :P

Even though the day started off pretty rough I had a great time and we got some lovely shots from it. 
A big thanks to both Miguel and Rebecca for the experience on this shoot. 

Also a big thanks to Kembali, Galway for giving us the clothes for the photo shoot. 
They are absolute legends.

Thats all for now!
Till the next time! :D


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