Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nima Mitt Review

Recently I attended the Dublin Bloggers Meet organized by Samantha at AllTheBuzz. Niamh from Nima Brush was there to give us a demonstration of some of the brushes they have in stock. The first thing she showed us though was the Nima Mitt. This is a pink hand mitt made from tiny micro-fibers closely woven together that you put over your hand and wet with water to take off all your make up. At first I was a bit sceptical while watching the demonstration but as Niamh went on I got more intrigued! She talked about how face cleansing wipes can just make your skin drier and damage it. I have this problem as my skin is very sensitive and any face wipe tends to dry out my skin. I was also having a problem with spots on my chin at the time. Even though I was keeping my skin clean and fresh using cleansers and wipes, it just wouldn't get any better. 

So after getting home from the bloggers party i decided to go straight online to buy the nima mitt.
It cost only €12.95. I was happy with this price because of the length of time the mitt should last. Niamh was clear that after using the Nima Mitt we should always wash it straight after use or it will get ruined in a shorter time.

A couple of days later my Nima Mitt came in the post! :D 
I was very excited to try this out.  At the end of the day I grabbed the nima mitt,wet it and spread it over my skin, making sure to get all my little rough patches of dry skin and to get all the make up off. 

I was amazed at how well it worked. It took all my make up off and any bits of dry skin without leaving my skin feeling sore or tender, I was so happy with this outcome but decided to try it for a few more days before making up my mind about it.. My skin has a habit of reacting a couple of days after the use of new products for some reason. 

After using the Mitt, you just rinse with
 water and soap and leave to dry
Then your Nima Mitt is ready the next day to use.

But again...after a few days of using the Nima Mitt, my skin had only improved. The spots on my chin had cleared up and my skin felt soft as well. (I would use moisturizer after using the mitt.)

I will admit there were a couple of days i had went on a night out and fallen asleep in my make up. When i woke up there were a few patches of dry skin on my face which were a little sore, but i took out the Nima Mitt and used it in the morning. making sure to get over these little patches and all the make up again. And to my amazement it really did make my skin feel and look a lot better instantly. 

I've been using the Nima Mitt for about 2 weeks now and I love it! Since getting it i have recommended to my mam and sisters and will continue to recommend it because i think every woman (especially one with sensitive skin) should have one of these.

I hope you enjoyed my review and maybe you'll try out this product yourself now! If so let me know how you get on with it! :D 

You can read more about Nima Brush and order their products here ->

Stay Beautiful



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starbucks...a new experience

I'm very new to the world of coffee, I don't think I ever drank it while living in Galway which was for about 4 years. I've been a dedicated tea drinker for as long as I can remember. I started drinking coffee in the last couple of weeks since I moved to Dublin. I found myself getting addicted to the smell of coffee Beans and craving it more and more. 
I was in my work placement one day and my manager brought me in a cup of coffee, I was weary at first. I drank it and found it quite nice but at the same time didn't feel the need to drink more.
It's wasn't until one morning when I was feeling extremely tired and had a long busy day ahead of me that i decided to go and get a cappuccino from insomnia coffee in my home town...and it seemed I was hooked after that. 
I've taken to going to Starbucks now for my coffee mainly. I went to the one on Dame Street in Dublin and it was probably the first time I had properly been in Starbucks and had the full experience. I wrote in my last blog about my shopping day that i had enjoyed my trip to Starbucks but I felt the need to write a full blog on it now after just becoming totally hooked on the place. The first time I went in I ordered a caramel frappuchino. This is the iced coffee that comes with cream and caramel on top as well. I absolutely love these and have for while but again haven't had one in years. When I was ordering my coffee the guy behind the counter was just lovely and I had a lovely chat with him as my coffee was being made. It really made my experience in there so much more enjoyable. Every time I go in the staff are all just lovely and always up for a chat. Although I'll admit each time I go in I am always on the look out for this specific guy to chat to. He was just so lovely and bubbly. i told a couple of my friends about it and it seems they all have a specific person they love over the other staff in there, I guess everyone has a Starbucks crush :3 
I hadn't sit in there before and this week I went in to have a coffee and sit down to study for awhile. Even though the place is quite busy it just has a really nice atmosphere in the place that is really relaxing. Of course the cherry on top is they have free wifi for people to browse happily while enjoying their delicious coffees. Infact I'm sitting in Starbucks right now while writing this. 

I feel like I'm rambling on now so ill end this blog on a happy note that if you like coffee and have not tried a Starbucks then you should go in, have a nice look at the menu and just order your coffee whatever way you like it, if you wanna be fussy about it then do! Get it done whatever way you want! 

I hope you will enjoy it as much as me! (I feel like I'm betraying my name now because of this blog I still love my usual cup of tea as well so don't be fooled!) :D
Anyway people, I'm off to get my hair done now in Preen, Dublin. Will also be posting a blog about that later so keep an eye out!

Stay Beautiful <3 


Question: Have you had a nice Starbucks experience you want to share? What's your order going in? :D

Mine's: Grande cappuchino with a caramel shot, and sometimes a caramel frappuchino with cream on top <3

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dublin Bloggers Meet up

On Saturday the 19th this month I attended The Dublin Bloggers Meet Up organized by AllTheBuzz and oh my god what an event! :) It was held in the Church CafĂ© in Dublin city which was a great venue and easy to find.
I was greeted by the lovely Samantha who told me it was the first time she had organized an event like this. As I walked in I saw the lovely goodie bags and was trying to decide which one to pick, then Samantha told me to take one of each! I couldn’t believe it!

Amazing goodie bags generously donated by The Cosmetic Outlet, Derma V10 and Neals Yard Remedies Ireland.

The set up was great and was well arranged for people to mingle easily and get to know one another. There were beautiful cupcakes laid out on all the tables which were just delicious!

I sat down and had a root through my goodie bags to see what sort of lovely things we were given and what was in them was just incredible! Such a range of beauty products, moisturisers and lip care. They were so well put together as was the whole event.

All the lovely products from the goodie bags! :D

The prizes for the raffle were fabulous! I had to get myself some tickets and even though I didn’t win any I was so happy to be able to attend this event! And congratulations to the people who did win! I’d say you were delighted!

There was a make-up demonstration by Niamh from Nima Brush where she showed us a few of their products including the Nima Mitt which I went and bought today, I just had to have it after the great talk she did. She even gave each person at the event a free brush. For myself this demonstration was just fantastic as I don’t know much about make up and do want to learn more about what products to use and how to use them! I learned so much just from the demonstration she gave.

After that there was a talk from Michelle from Michelle told us how she got where she was today as an editor for such a popular site such as It was so nice meeting her as I do read a lot of articles on this website. She also gave out a few tips and tricks on how to use the internet to your advantage to get more noticed in whatever area you cover. I felt so inspired by her talk and as I was leaving the event my mind was filled with ideas for blogs and other things.

Unfortunatly i didnt get a picture with Michelle because I had to leave right after her talk.

This event was truly amazing and I congratulate Samantha from AllTheBuzz for organizing it! I hope to attend more of these in the future where I will get to meet many more lovely people and also to get inspiration from, like I did this one! I even went and made a twitter account after Michelle’s talk and from lots of the people there telling me I should have one to keep in touch easily and just to stay in the loop of other events going on.

I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did and will hopefully be seeing everyone again soon!

A few of the lovely bloggers that I got to chat to:

(They are all the links I got but message me if i dot have you and I'll add you in!)

You can also add me now on twitter 

Stay Beautiful :)


Samantha and I at the meet up! :D