Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vintage Heashots

I was asked by my friend Erin (MyPaperMacheMind) to do some headshots for her own portfolio and for a friend of hers who was a make up artist. 

I arrived at Erin's house and we sat down and picked out a couple of outfits and then her friend Aisling did my make up and hair so the pictures. 

We went with a very light look first :

Then we went with a heavier make-up look and hairstyle to give the pictures a more vintage look and feel

I really enjoyed this photo shoot and getting to work with Aisling as well and I was happy with how the pictures came out. This was probably one of my favorite shoots.

Photographer: Erin Grant / MyPaperMacheMind
Make up / Hair: Aisling White
Clothes: Erin Grant

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