Sunday, January 19, 2014

My usual Make-Up Review

 It’s been awhile since I’ve done a review on anything so I wanted to do a review of some of the make-up I’ve been using lately.

The foundation I have been using lately is MODELco Fluid Splash 3 in 1 Foundation.
This is the first time I have used anything by MODELco and was happy to get this product in the right shade as I received it in a good bag at a bloggers meet.
At this point of time I have already polished off this product and am definitely planning to get more.
While this product wouldn’t suit anyone who wears a darker shade of foundation, I found it to be light and natural on my skin. I often had people asking me if I was even earing make up when I used it.
It also came with concealer included in the top cap. This was so handy and useful since I didn’t have to carry around any extra concealer in my bag and it was the exact same shade as the foundation.
It was also great for little top ups during the day if I had a spot or darkness under my eyes I didn’t want showing, needless to say the cap is now completely empty.

After this concealer was used up I had to invest in a new one.
I bought MaxFactor Mastetouch Under-eye Concealer. This came in a little tube which you turned the end of and the concealer would come out the top. This made sure there was none gone to waste. It makes it so easy to apply and makes sure I don’t have to use my fingers at all. Of course my make-up brushes help with that though. 
The only thing I wish for this product is that the tube is a bit bigger. For something that I use every day I wish it would last a bit longer.

The mascara I’ve been using is Luxurious Lashes Black Mascara by Derma V10.
This is another product I received in a goodie bag and am very happy I did. I was running low on mascara before I went to the bloggers meet and got a couple of mascaras but have been using this one more regularly.
I find it great for day and night wear. I just wouldn’t apply as much during the day. It doesn’t clump and the brush makes it so easy to spread out the mascara evenly on the lashes.  

I have only used the Kardashian Beauty Thursday Lip Gloss a few times. Lip gloss wouldn’t be something I would wear too often. I would usually go for lipstick or recently the new Bene-tint.
But when I want to keep a really natural look where my lips don’t stand out too much then I usually go for this. It is a beautiful shade of pink that just comes out really well on my lips.
I only have the Thursday lip gloss but would love to go and get the rest of the collection to try them out. It’s on my list anyway.

Well that’s the end of my little review of these few products!
Thanks for taking the time to read and I will post again soon

Stay Beautiful <3

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doctor Who Specials

Ok... this blog is well overdue since I went to see the Doctor Who 50th Special on the 23rd of November just got so late after seeing it so I decided to do a blog about it and the Christmas Special episode all in one...where we said goodbye to the beloved Matt Smith *tears.*
First of all I went to see the 50th Anniversary Special with my two whovian friends Sally and Deirdre! We saw it in the lighthouse cinema in Smithfield, Dublin and all I can say is that this cinema is the coolest cinema I've ever been in! It was so nicely designed and lighted that I didn't even think it was a cinema at first!
We sat in the back row with our 3D glasses at the ready with a couple of Sally's friends and when the lights went down and the screen came on the whole cinema cheered in excitement and anticipation! I was ready to squeel like a little fangirl! :3 Luckily sally's friend Ciaran did that throughout the episode for me! :D

I'm not gonna say much about the episode itself because I don't want to spoil anything but in that one moment when they showed the past doctors and then a quick appearance from Peter Capaldi....the whole cinema cheered and clapped! It was just fantastic! :D Not to mention there was just so many people dressed up in Doctor Who inspired outfits! I just loved every minute of it. Seeing Tennent and Smith working together side by side as the Doctor was the little fangirl inside me's dream! And it came true! <3
There was also a surprise guest ending which just...blew my mind!
The whole experience made me so excited for the Christmas Special while at the same time....dreading it... I was so not ready to say goodbye to Matt Smith...
On Christmas day I didn't get a chance to watch the episode when it was aired and downloaded it impatiently that night after everyone had gone to bed. It took a long time to download as it seems a lot of people had the same idea as me...

Eventually it finished downloading and I got comfy in bed with a cup of tea and began the emotional journey....I have to say I loved every minute of the episode. I dont have a bad word to say about it!
It made me laugh and cry at all the right times and I thought it was an awesome finally for Matt Smith with another surprise cameo appearance at the end really got me....tears flooding D:
The way Capaldi came in was fantastic which made me laugh slightly causing me to choke from my tears seconds before. His final line of the episode....was just brilliant!
I really cant wait to see more from Capaldi! I was nervous at first but I think this episode has put my mind at ease! There hasnt been an official release date for the new season but all i can say is...BRING ON AUTUMN 2014!!!



Deirdre, Me and Sally waiting for the 50th Special to start!
So much fun was had! Not many picture were taken