Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes To Cucumbers Review

On the 19th of October I attended a bloggers meet organized by the lovely Samantha Johnston from AllTheBuzz. This was a fantastic event with amazing goodie bags! Today I am going to review one of the products called Yes To Cucumbers.

On first impressions I was a bit nervous to use this product solely based on how sensitive my skin is and how I don’t know how it’ll react with new products but I bit the bullet and started using it.
I was having a bit problem with spots and black heads around my chin that just would not go away and after a week or so of using Yes To Cucumbers I started to see a difference in my skin. The continuous development of spots on my chin had stops and my skin became a lot clearer.
I was delighted with this!
The only thing I found a bit strange about it and still do even now is that it doesn’t foam when massaging it into my skin. It’s not really a complaint but every time I use the product I expect it to foam just from past cleansers I have used doing this.

There were a couple of days during the time I have been using this product that I got lazy and didn’t do my night routine which involves cleansing my skin with this. 
And boy did I pay the price…
I developed a couple of spots on my face which were back with a vengeance but with regular use of Yes To Cucumber again I managed to subside them.  Since then I have not missed a night using it.
I have to say that I really do love this product and will continue to use it and am planning to get some more products from this range!

I rate this product 10/10 based on my own experience with it and recommend it to anyone who are having problems with their skin. But all I have to say it don’t expect result immediately, this product needs regular use to do its job properly.

Thanks for reading guys!

Stay Beautiful


Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Giveaway!

Hey Guys!

So I am now holding my first giveaway on my facebook page!

My giveaway includes: 
  • Nimue Rejuvenating Mask and Active Hand Repair
  • Baby Brown Self Tanning Lotion
  • DermaV10 Cocoa Body Butter 
  • Dove Fresh Touch Soap
  • Beyonce HEAT: Pearl Exfoliating Shower Gel and Gold Sparkling Body Lotion

Share this picture on facebook to be in the draw! 

All you have to do is like and share the image on facebook to enter the draw!

You can enter here -> ElishaTierney Model/Blog

Winner will be announced the 15th of December 

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Bloggers Meet Up Dublin!

Yesterday (31/11/13) I attended a Dublin Bloggers Meet organized by the lovely BelleFBeauty! It was such a great event and I really enjoyed myself!
When I first arrived to the Dakota Bar I met Filomena out the front and she told me that the venue had changed! I was very surprised but it was just across the street in the Lost Society bar. I made my way across and met Christelle who gave me my goodie bag and explained the terrible stress the two of them had to endure! Because Dakota bar told them they couldn’t have the meet up in there they had to organize somewhere else very last minute as a venue! So all I can say is well done to you for doing a really fantastic job! And a huge thanks to Lost Society Bar for letting all us chatty girls sit around for hours for this event!

I was the first to arrive so I got a chance to take a couple of pictures of the lovely cakes and treats around the room. There was delicious chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes which I probably ate about half off…..seriously they were delicious! :D There was also a bunch of cartons of coconut water and this aloe vera drink…which I am now officially obsessed with, I need to get my hands on more of this.

These cakes.....<3

The venue in Lost Society Bar

I had a root through my goodie bag to see what little wonders we got and found a lovely range of products including a little pocket mirror which I have been needed for a long time!
Thank you to Cloud10Beauty for providing these awesome bags! :D
Next to arrive after me was Emma from TheOrdinaryGirlsGuideToMasteringHerMakeup and we had a great time chatting and meeting other as well. Throughout the evening I got to meet a range of beauty and fashion bloggers and made sure to get all their links to blogs which I will post at the end of the blog!

What was in our goodie bags! :D

There were a talk by Giovanna from Cloud10Beauty on their new products and even had a set of their brushes as one of the raffle prizes! :D
Then we had a talk from Aoibhe from TheSecretObsession who talked about her road to getting her blog more popular and just a bit on how to get more recognized online! I thought her talk was great and she was so funny and nice as well! Really enjoyed meeting her!

Giovanna from Cloud10Beauty

Aoibhe from TheSecretObsession
Photo from Constance Doyle

After another little while of chatting and eating cheesecake they held the raffle which we were all given one free strip for! :D I didn’t get around to buying another strip as I was chatting with people the whole time I was there but they did the draw and I ended up winning! I was so excited because I never win anything! I won a beautiful new set of make-up brushes from Real Techniques! This was just fantastic as I was going to buy a set of brushes soon anyway and now I won them! Super happy about it! :D

So happy with my prize! :D
Cant wait to try them out!
I had a nice cup of coffee while continuing my chats with all the bloggers and before I knew it, it was nearly 8pm! The event was over at 8 but I had to leave a few minutes early to go catch my bus home but I had such a fantastic time and just can’t wait until the next one!
Big well done to Filomena from BelleFBeauty for organizing this event! And fair play to how you handled the venue situation! :D

Had a fantastic time <3