Wednesday, July 3, 2013


After doing my first photo shoot with Erin, we both decided together to do more. She said she had been working on a project which would include me wearing a wedding dress and a pig mask. This project was called SKIN. 

We had picked out a wedding dress in a charity shop called The Curiosity Shop, Merchants Street, Galway to do the photo shoot in. they gave us permission to borrow the dress and return it after the shoot. 
So on the day of the shoot we met in the shop and i changed in the changing room. When i came out in the long wedding dress, people started staring but nothing to bad so we went along with our business. 

We walked over the the Docks of the city and decided that it was a good spot to start. She handed me the pig mask which was white as well and i put it on and we started. It ended up being very funny as people drove by beeping and oinking out the window of their cars. At first i was a little embarrassed but i got over the initial shock of it and really enjoyed it. 

Here's a few shots from it:

Photographer: Erin Grant/ MyPaperMacheMind
Clothes: The Curiosity Shop, Merchants Road, Galway
Assistant: Sabrina Dillon

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