Thursday, February 27, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge week 4 – Pamper Products

This week’s theme for the BOBBlogChallenge is beauty pamper products. These products wouldn’t be something I would use to often but there are a few I love to use to relax every now and again.
The first product I have chosen is facemasks.

 Facemasks help to remove dry skin and keep your skin fresh and clear. I do sometimes buy facemasks but I much prefer making my own. That way you really know what is going onto your face. I usually get my recipes online from different websites but a good one I have found recently is They have a number of recipes for facemasks for all different skin types! You can check out the site HERE

I also like to use a few Anatomicals products. Such as their ‘’farewell the scarlet pimplehell deep cleansing mud mask’’ and their ‘’look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face anti-stress mask.’’ Anatomicals are one of my favourite brands for these kinds of products. I have also recently used their ‘’puffy the eye bag slayer wake-up under eye patches,’’ and I absolutely love these. All these products always make my skin feel soft and refreshed.

Now the second product I have chosen for this blog is
 LUSH Dreamwash Shower Smoothie.

 This is something I received a sample of from the LUSH shop in Dublin to try out and review and I had previously written a review on it before. But I will put it in here again to say I love using this product. Something I always look for in my shower products is a lovely smell and I have to say that this product always smells amazing as do most of the LUSH products and I find even with my dry skin, it helps moisturize and clean my skin. I wouldn’t use this on my face because my face is extra sensitive but other friends who use this product have told me that they would use it as a face wash and it works perfectly to keep away black heads and acne. This is a product that I would recommend to try out and see if it works for you. I have heard some mixed things from people with sensitive skin but for me it has worked great! If you are a bit wary about using it then why not go into LUSH and ask for a sample to try out on your skin first. J

My third and final product I have chosen is 
Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming-Bath.

I love Aveeno products as they’ve always been very kind to my skin for so long. I have never had any problems with irritation while using them. And there is nothing different about this foaming-bath product. I love to take baths, they are so relaxing and nice but ever since I was a child I have often found that many bubble-bath solutions that I have used often irritate my skin. It was only a few years ago that I started using Aveeno products but really see a change in my skin. I would recommend anyone with sensitive or dry skin to check out their products as I can almost guarantee they will benefit you.  For this Foaming-Bath wash, while the smell is lovely and I can almost feel it helping my skin while I take the bath, which is very relaxing, there aren’t many bubbles. So if you like a bath with a lot of bubbles, maybe you shouldn't go for this. But again if you suffer from dry skin, I think you should try it out. Even if you don’t have sensitive or dry skin, I still think it would benefit your skin!

Well that’s it for this blog post! I fairly waffled on for a while but I hope you enjoyed reading all the same! J

I would also like to ask anyone who can take a second out to vote for me in a modelling contest I am currently in for Wear We Wander. The voting closes on Saturday and I am currently in 2nd place. Still a good few votes from 1st though. So if you could spare a second to vote that would be just amazing! Voting is also daily so if anyone remembers then a vote a day would be much appreciated! <3
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Thank you all for reading!

Stay Beautiful



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GlossyBox Review - Valentines Edition

So here it is! My February GlossyBox came in the post last week and I absolutely love it! The box is decorated beautifully with kisses all over it as the theme of this GlossyBox is Valentines. As this is only the second GlossyBox I have received so far I was so excited to see the box at the bottom of the stairs in my house and nearly fell down the stairs while running to it! :P

Of course the first thing I noticed once I opened the box was the bar of 
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bar
My family has been on a real health kick lately so I have been suffering because of it as there is a lack of treats in my house. So I was very happy to get that bar and put it aside which I later ate with a lovely cup of tea.

Next thing I pulled out was Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer

As I have mentioned before I am quite cautious when using body gels/creams. So the night I got it I spread a little bit over a patch of skin on my leg and  on my arm. The next day there was no itchiness or redness so I was happy enough to use it. It smells absolutely amazing. I said to my friend the day I tried it: ‘‘it smells just like pink.’’ And it leaves my skin looking radiant and sparkly! Definitely will be a product I will continue buying, especially since it is so hard for me to find a skin product like this that won’t irritate my skin.

Also included in the box was Sleep In Rollers Backcombing Brush.

While I have backcombed my hair a few times back in the day, I had never used a backcombing brush before. A couple of nights ago I searched online on just how to use it so I didn’t go messing up my hair. I found some really good quick tutorials. I loved the result from using it in my hair and will definitely be using on my next night out on the town. I’ll have to keep a close eye on it though because my sister has been eyeing it up as well and I can somehow see it being slipped into her back and suddenly disappearing. :P

We got a couple of make-up products this month as well. Starting with the
Maybelline New York Master Kajal Liner

This is such a handy item to have for me as im still getting used to applying eye-liner and this makes it so easy. It’s a cream-stick liner which goes onto the eye so easily with just one stroke. Absolutely love it. Also if you make a mistake while applying it, with one quick swipe it comes off easily before it dries on your skin.

And then they also included NV Chunky Lip Crayon

Now my first impression of this was... ’it’s very pink.’ But after applying it I instantly fell in love with it. Again it is so easy to apply and fix if any mistakes are made. I usually use a brush for my lips but with this product I am happy to just apply it straight on with the crayon. It is a beautiful bright shade of pink and can be made more natural by spreading it gently across your lips.

Here’s a pic of me wearing the Master Kajal Liner and NV Lip Crayon:

And last but not least, the box was included with
H2K Skincare Je t’adore Aromatics Shampoo & Sensual Hydrating Hair Conditioner.

I love trying out new hair products and seeing how they work with my hair and of course the smells of new shampoo and conditioners is just amazing. And it’s no different for this product. After using these and drying, my hair was soft and smooth and smelled great! I even got complimented on it during the day. It says on the leaflet we got with the GlossyBox that these products revitalises and nourishes your hair and you’ll notice it in a few days, so I will continuing my usage of these and see how they fair in more long term conditions. But as of yet I am very satisfied.

Well that’s it for another GlossyBox review! Thanks for reading!
Let me know if you got the GlossyBox and what you think of it!

Stay Beautiful


Thursday, February 20, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge Week 3 - Make Up Must Haves

For this week of the #BOBBlogChallenge, we were given the title Make-Up Must Haves. I have so many of these that I couldn’t possibly write about all of them so I chose 4 that I would consider my main must haves anyway.

First thing I think every woman should have is make-up brushes. I mainly use Real-Technique Brushes which I have to say are excellent. 

The reason I say this is because using your hands to put on your make up can help the spread of bacteria and can cause skin problems. Using brushes can help reduce the amount you need to touch your face which can help keep your skin clean and fresh. As long as you keep your make up brushes clean as well of course.
Other than putting my moisturizer on my face, I don’t touch my face at al when applying my make-up. I have found the real technique brushes are brilliant as when I first got them, I didn’t know much about what each brush was for. I learned a lot from friends just showing me but also from youtube as Real Technique also have a youtube page you can click onto to learn about each brush and other handy tricks for applying your make-up.
You can see their Youtube HERE

My next makeup must have is Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. 

This is a new foundation I have been trying out the last few weeks and have found it to be a great product for my face. I have had a bit of a problem lately because of spots on my chin and this foundation has provided a great cover for these while helping my skin to look natural. Another thing I love about this foundation is that you need so little of it to cover your face as well. I have often put out a blob of it on the back of my hand and found it to be too much, thankfully recently I have gotten more used to it and know how much to put out so I don’t waste any. J This is great though because you really get your money’s worth.

Concealer is such a useful product and recently I have been using the 
Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil. 

When I first bought this and brought it home, I was happy with it but quickly realised it didn’t fit into any of my pencil toppers at home. So I went back into the shop the next day and bought an Urban Decay Pencil Topper. Even though I was a bit disappointed by this I quickly got over it as the concealer is brilliant and the pencil topper will last me a long time and is handy to have for just make up products. This concealer pencil provides great cover and I know I will buy this again when the one I have runs out. Absolutely love it.

Last but certainly not least I have chosen Mac Lipstick, as my final make-up must have. 

I don’t think I really even need to explain this one….the mac products are just fantastic. I have 2 of their lipsticks, one a nice neutrally pink and then a nice bright red shade. Since I have gotten these I haven’t used any other lipstick. I just want to get more mac. The lipstick lasts for hours and doesn’t need much topping up during the day. Even for me, because I am a smoker, I do need to top it up a little bit but it would be more something I notice needs to be done and others don’t. I recommend these lipsticks for anyone really. Go into mac and choose a shade you like and try it out. You won’t be disappointed J

And that’s it for this week’s #BOBBlogChallenge! I hope you enjoyed ready and I shall be back with another post next week!
Stay Beautiful


Monday, February 17, 2014

Wear We Wander Contest

Hey guys! so I'm taking part in a contest to become the new face of Wear we Wander!
We had an first round where we had to send in 2 of our modelling photos and 400 words as to why we should get through! Well i sent off my entry and got through! :D  
I was absolutely delighted about it!

But now there is a voting contest on facebook and i could really use all the support i can get to win! 
I am currently in 2nd place but I'm still a bit behind for the first place slot! 

If you wouldnt mind taking a moment out to vote for me HERE, it would be much appreciated! 
You can also vote daily! 

This is my picture for the contest in case any of you don't know:

I really appreciate all the votes i can get and all the support i have gotten so far!

Thank you so much! 

Stay Beautiful


Thursday, February 13, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge Week 2 - 'Hair Heroes'

For week two of the BOBBlogChallenge hosted by AllTheBuzz we have been given the category “Hair Heroes.” So I have chosen 3 of the main products I use for my hair.
I usually go with a simple look for my hair which is usually straightened or up in a clip.

First product I chose is Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner.

I absolutely love this range of hair care! The smell of the products is just amazing and they always leave my hair soft and healthy. Since I have started using this range I have found my hair is a lot healthier and I have noticed it growing a bit faster. I don’t really know if that links in with the product but it’s definitely something that has been happening since I started using it!

The next product I chose is John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight.

This is something I had never used before getting it in a goodie bag at a bloggers meet. Since I would straighten my hair more than any other styling I found this product very useful. And it really does help keep my hair straight throughout the day. Even though it is called 3-Day Straight, it wouldn’t last that long in my hair. With the wind in this country especially right now there is just no way of keep my hair straight that long! But that doesn’t stop me from loving the product! I would recommend this for anyone with wavy or curly hair that want to keep their hair straight!

And finally the last product I have chosen is Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold.

Once again I usually only straighten my hair but find this is a great product as well to keep that straightened look throughout the day! The frizz-Ease is put in the hair before I dry my hair and I use this hair spray for the extra hold of the look. It is also great for any other hair style you do like up styles and curls. When it says ultra strong hold, it really means it!

And thus concludes my week 2 post of ‘Hair Heroes’

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Stay Beautiful <3


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge 'Skin Saviours'

So I decided to jump on the band wagon pretty late with this challenge but decided I’d post a week one to the challenge even if it is nearly a week late! :P I will be posting week 2 of the challenge tomorrow which is “Hair Heroes.”
This challenge has been set out by Samantha at AllTheBuzz and it is to post weekly around the same time about different products you like under different categories!
 This week is “Skincare Saviours,” so I have chosen 3 different products which I would define as my skincare saviours!

My first one is Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion & Soothing Facial Toner

Now these products are what I have been using for years to keep my skin clean and healthy. I find them nice and gentle on the skin with great results with continuous use.
Every evening and sometimes in the morning if my skin particularly bad I will use these on mainly my chin and around my nose as this is where I am affected most by spots.
These together really help fend off spots if you notice one coming up.

Next I have chosen Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser.

Recently I decided to take a break from the simple products for my skin and use the yes to range. I have previously written a full review on this product which you can see HERE
I think this is great also a great skin cleanser with great results as long as you use it regularly. I found after so long of using it, if I went a day or two without using it then I would really notice spots coming up on my skin. Another great thing about this product is that it lasts for a very long time. I have had it now since October and used it nearly every night and again sometimes in the morning and I still have some left.
 I am back using the simple products again at the moment but I do like to change to and from sometimes to really see which is helping my skin the most.
I learned recently from a make-up artist in mac that cucumber face washes are mainly targeted for people with oily skin as cucumbers help take the oiliness out of your skin to give a much dryer look. This is also a reason I have decided to go back to using my simple products for a while as I do have quite dry skin anyway.  But for people with oily skin I think this is a product you might want to try out. J

And the last product I have chosen as a skin saviour is 
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion.

As a person with eczema it is essential for me to moisturize my skin to keep away any flare ups of my skin and to help stop it itching at night which can cause me to scratch my skin and cause cuts.
I find Aveeno Daily Lotion to be the best moisturiser I have ever found that keeps my skin nice. I also use it on my face before applying make-up and before going to bed and have found since I did start doing this that dryness on my face doesn’t happen as much anymore and is less intense even though I wear make-up daily.  I recommend this as a must have for people with eczema or just dry skin in general. Aveeno also do a range of other products like shower gel and others that is also very good for your skin.

Well there you have it. These are my top skincare saviours.
I also consider my Cleanse Off Mitt to be a top skincare saviour but as I just posted a blog about it I won’t write about it here but it is definitely on my list!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will have another post for you tomorrow at 7pm on my “Hair Heroes.”

You can check out other BOBBlogChallenge posts if you check out #BOBBlogChallenge on twitter or just check out Samantha's Twitter HERE 

Stay Beautiful <3


Cleanse Off Mitt Review

When the Cleanse Off Mitt was first released, I was not new to using this sort of thing to remove make up. For anyone who regularly reads my blog you will know I posted about the Nima Mitt a while back. While I did love that mitt I found it didn’t work as efficiently after a few uses. Well I’ve had the Cleanse Off Mitt for about a month now and have to say I absolutely LOVE it!

It is extremely soft on my skin which is a big issue for me as I have very dry sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use on my face. This is a big reason I don’t like using face wipes. Because of the sensitivity of my skin I find they sting and damage it quite a lot. 
Now I will admit I have been lazy a few times in the evening and reached for the face wipes but always find my skin ruined the next day.
But enough about that, back to the Cleanse Off Mitt!
The first time I used this product it was like taking a fresh soft towel across my face. It felt so lovely. I wiped around my face and when I looked at the mitt I could not believe how much make up it had taken off it just a couple of wipes!
Another thing I really love about this mitt is that it has two sides which can both be used! I usually remove all my foundation on one side and use the other mainly for eye make up and mascara and a quick second run over my face to remove any left over foundation. Even my water proof mascara, it takes off with ease.
After using the mitt I always rinse with a little bit of soap and squeeze out as much as possible to get all the moisture out of it. It comes with a handy little hook to hang up in my bathroom to dry fully.  But I have tweeted before about the quick dying quality of this product and usually find with a good squeeze out its usually nearly dry by the time I hang it up!
I don’t have a bad thing to say about the Cleanse Off Mitt as it is currently one of my favourite things in my bathroom. I would recommend this as a must have for women who wear make up everyday and just don’t feel the face wipes are doing their skin any good.
Because let’s be honest ladies… they definitely aren’t.

This is how the mitt looks after a month of being used!
Still so clean and fresh!

When I bought the mitt I also bought a second to giveaway and will be hosting this contest on my facebook page once I hit 200 likes! I’m still a bit off from this goal but am looking forward to holding the giveaway which will also feature an assortment of other products.
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Thanks as always for reading my blog and I wish you all the best with your beauty needs!

Stay Beautiful

~AlwaysTimeForTea <3

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glossy Box January - Back To Basics

This was my first time receiving a Glossy box from Glossy Box UK I was so excited to get this as I had heard so much about it and love getting new products to try out.
Unfortunately when it first came in the post I wasn’t even at home and wouldn’t be for the week so I was sitting in Dublin waiting till the time came that I got to go home and see what sorts of wonders I would find in this box. When I first signed up to the website I filled out my subscription and was asked a few questions about my skin type and the sort of products I enjoy using.
I thought this was great because when I first decided to sign up I was worried about products arriving that I wouldn’t be able to try out. But I quickly got over this as I decided any products I wouldn’t be able to use I would keep and put into a little hamper to give away anyway.

The packaging for the box was beautiful and I almost felt guilty for opening it. But soon after found out there was a lovely shiny pink box that was filled with the goodies. This will also make a great little storage box to keep my make-up and hair things organized. And I’ll be receiving them monthly so keep order among my things will be easy! J

When I finally got to open my glossy box I found a range of skin care products.
This month’s glossy box was called ‘Back to Basics.’
As it was the start of a new year I thought it was a great idea to send out a bunch of skincare products especially in this awful weather we’re having. Your skin needs as much protection as it can get.

This first thing I noticed in the box was the Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer - Under Eye Patches. First of all I love this name! And the description on the back is just priceless.

“You know the blood curdling screams you hear in horror films when vampires sink their teeth into the white fleshed necks of virginal nieces of 18th century noblemen? Well, they’re the same blood curdling screams that can be heard when young ladies (as this is the 21st century, let’s skip the virginal bit) who have bitten off more than they can chew party wise, stare I the mirror at their ale, drawn complexions and baggy, tired eyes. If you’re one such young lady and have always wished there was a product to make you look less (un)dead, then these collagen under eye patches are the Count’s (as in Dracula) cojones.
We Only Want You For Your Body”
As I am a full time student and also work while trying to get assignments done, I am all too familiar with the under eye darkness that can haunt you. I gave these babies a try the next day after getting them.
They were to be left on for 30minutes and while I was waiting to take them off I had my mam and dad giving me funny looks while walking around the house.
I had to explain to them it was all in the name of beauty!
I didn’t expect to see much of a change in my under-eye baggage when taking them off but I have to say when I did take them off I definitely did see a difference from before I put them on. Even if it was not fully gone I definitely saw a difference in my eyes and my skin felt much fresher.

The next thing I found in the box was Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream from Japan. There was two little sample size tubes in the box. This cream is said to be enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, camphor and a uniquely high glycerine content.

As I have been having a bit of trouble with my skin lately I was happy to try out a new moisturizer on my face to see how it works out.
When I first applied it I felt like it was a bit greasy but after rubbing it in for a few seconds it felt nice and smooth on my skin. The smell is amazing! It just seems to give off that healthy odour that products can give off sometimes.
So far I have been using it for about 3-4 days and my skin has stayed nicely moisturized even with the make up on. (I often find foundation dries out my skin a bit because I have such sensitive skin)

Another thing I got was Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion. I haven’t used this much but the couple of times I have there is a couple of things I noticed.

1.      The smell is lovely and fresh.
2.      It’s not greasy at all and once it’s put on the skin it blends right in.
3.      My skin didn’t seem to be as affected by the horrible weather outside when I was wearing it.
4.      This is definitely something I think I will be buying once I know where I can get it. :P

I also got Balance Me – Super Toning Body Wash. I have yet to use this and am a bit apprehensive about it because body washes in general don’t seem to agree with my skin, even one’s like this which are 99-100% natural.

The description has informed me that it is a blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender oils for a great morning boost.
I will be trying this product and if it doesn’t work out I will be putting aside any more body washes I get.

Last but certainly not least I got some new Floral Slanted Tweezers by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I have to say I absolutely love these! Who doesn’t like getting a new fresh air of tweezers! And I absolutely love the design on these.

Well there we have it guys. My ‘quick’ review of my January Glossy Box! So far I am delighted with my subscription and can’t wait for this month’s. I already got an email about it saying it’s gonna be valentines themed so expecting a few reds and pinks!
To anyone thinking about signing up I’d say go for it! I signed up for a monthly subscription but there are fixed terms you can sign up for instead.
Hope you enjoyed the read!
Stay Beautiful