Thursday, March 27, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge week 8 - Best of Beauty 'Beauty Bloggers'

 Here it is! The last week of the #BOBBlogChallenge hosted by AllTheBuzz. Can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly! And I’m quite proud of myself for sticking it through as well as all the other bloggers who have as well. J And that is exactly what this last post is about.  I will be naming a few of my favourite bloggers to sit down to with a cup of tea and relax for a night of reading!
The first blogger I have chosen is a good friend of mine and also a person who gave me inspiration to get cracking on my own blog. Her name is Erin Grant and her blog is MyPaperMacheMind.

She is an incredibly talented photographer, blogger and all around amazing person! She has a passion for fashion and beauty, has worked with different bands for promo work and has even modelled for several people and man are her images just beautiful. This woman is studying full time in college while writing for Tabitha Magazine and Erin was the first person I ever worked with on a photo shoot and was pretty much my introduction to modelling in general. Whenever I need a bit of inspiration for writing or just to get off my lazy butt and do some work, I look to her and her blog. You should check out her blog page HEREand her facebook HERE.

The second blogger I have chosen for my ‘best of’ is Emma Sheehan at MasteringYourMakeup.

I had the pleasure of meeting Emma at a Bloggers meet a few months back in Dublin. We got on great and got discussing our blogs. She described her blog the way I would like to describe my own sometime in the future. Her blog is based around giving helpful tips to people who are getting started off with make-up and about her experiences in her make-up class and what she has learned. I absolutely love reading her blog and always seem to learn something that will come in handy for me. She is definitely an up-in-coming beauty blogger who will achieve great things.  Check out her blog HERE and Facebook HERE.

And finally the last blogger I have picked is none other than Samantha Johnson from AllTheBuzz herself!

I don’t feel it is even necessary for me to write why I picked her because she is an amazing blogger who I have also had the pleasure of meeting at the Bloggers Meet that she organized as well. Her blog covers so much from fashion and beauty to life advice and mental health awareness. She is truly an inspiration to all bloggers. Recently she won Blogger of the Year 2014 in the Samsung Digital Media Awards and all I can say is that it was well deserved! This lady has such a strong passion for blogger and doesn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to writing and expressing her opinions. If you haven’t already then make sure to check out her blog HERE and Facebook HERE.

Here's a couple more of my favorite bloggers that I love read!

Make sure to check them out! :D

And that’s it for my ‘Best of Beauty bloggers’ and for the #BOBBlogChallenge! :O Thank you so much to AllTheBuzz for creating this wonderful challenge and can’t wait to take part in the next one!
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and all the other wonderful bloggers I have had the pleasure of meeting since I started my journey into blogging!

My blogging has been on a bit of a hiatus as I am currently trying to finish my work for my college course but will be back to blogging full-time once summer comes around!

Stay Beautiful



  1. Oh I've never seen the first blog you mentioned, will have to check out her blog now after reading this, love finding new blogs ;) x

  2. Great post! Thanks for the mention! :D

  3. Brilliant post, there's a few new blogs to add to my reading list :-)

  4. It was great getting to know your blog. See u around ;)