Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beauty Benefit

God it has been a long time since I have written a blog. Feels like forever. It has been a very busy time for me with exams and planning my big move which I will talk about in another blog soon. 
But for now I wanted to talk about the Benefit range that has taken the make-up scene by storm. I have been using the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation for the last couple of months along with a few other Benefit products and thought it was about time I wrote about them. Plus it’ll help me get back into the swing of things J

My Benefit Set: As you can see it is quite used at this stage :P
I first got a Benefit make-up kit for Christmas from my sister and have to say that I immediately loved it. It came with the hugely popular PORE-fessional which helps reduce the appearance of pores and can be applied throughout the day if you notice any blemishes.
The kit also came with Bene-tint lip and cheek stain solution.
I often use this solution for my lips and sometimes for my cheeks but it really does stand out for me on my lips. It gives a great light and natural glow to my lips without it looking like I’m wearing anything on them. I absolutely love this about it as I am a big fan of the natural look as I think it works best for me.

The mascara is They're Real Mascara which gives my lashes some great length and volume. 

The set also comes with a two-shade blush and gorgeous neutral brown shades of eye shadows. This set is absolutely perfect for people looking for a natural look or a glowed finish make-up look

About a month or so ago I also stopped into the Benefit counter in Debenhams in Dublin to try find a nice concealer. I got chatting with one of the lovely staff there and got discussing the types of make-up I use and how it works for my skin. She gave me all sorts of advice on how to pick and wear my make-up and then did a free make-up session for me to try out the products. This was so helpful for me to really decide what I want and I ended up buying both the Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation and Fake Up Concealer.

Since I started using these products I have found my skin has improved and I feel much better about wearing no make-up at all. 
The Fake Up Concealer is filled with nutrients and vitamins that moisturize your skin as you wear it. It blends in really nicely with my skin and hides any dark patches.
Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation is a lovely smooth foundation that goes on my skin so nicely. It doesn’t feel like putting a make on my face and throughout the day I barely feel like I’m wearing make-up. I really like to keep a natural look and I really feel that this foundation helps me keep that look.

I absolutely love Benefit make up and definitely would recommend it to anyone but would suggest going in and talking to a specialist on the Benefit counters or into the Benefit shop in Dublin and getting a consultation and a trial to make sure the product works with your skin. 

This is a picture of me after applying my Benefit products. Everything I am wearing in the photo is Benefit except for a little bit of Mac bronze.
Let me know what you think of the Benefit range and if there are any other products that are worth a try!

Thanks so much for reading my little come back blog and I hope to be posting much more often now.

Stay Beautiful <3

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