Friday, March 14, 2014

BOBBlogChallenge Week 6 - Budget Bargain

 So because I have been so busy this week I am late posting this but got it up all that same J
This week for the BOBBlogChallenge is Budget Bargains and I decided to choose:

Penny’s False Nails.

The first time I purchased these I wasn’t expecting much from them as they were penny’s brand so I expected to get maybe one night out of them and that’s it.
I was pleasantly surprised that they lasted quite well with only a couple of touch ups.
And the cost of them makes it very worth it. Only €1.50 a pack!

This price gets you 24 nails with the glue.
They also come in a range of cute designs and colours!
I have to say I absolutely love them!

I wore these for 3 days with about 4 times when I had to replace or fix a nail.

I would recommend these if you are looking for some nice nails for a night out and don’t want to go forking out a load of money for them.

Sorry for the lateness o this post and for it being so short but it has been a hectic week and its not even over yet. I’m writing this while cooking my dinner before going to work so it’s a bit rushed. :P

Hope you enjoyed all the same!

Stay Beautiful



  1. What a great deal! Love your post.

    1. Thank you so much! was very quick and rushed! havent even had a chance to look at others yet so i have a big catch up list! :O

  2. I'm actually always seeing these in Penneys but have never picked them up! Such a good price, will definitely get them the next time!

    1. ah good to hear! :D they really are so handy for a night out or something! was such a quick post so its lacking in quality XD