Monday, February 17, 2014

Wear We Wander Contest

Hey guys! so I'm taking part in a contest to become the new face of Wear we Wander!
We had an first round where we had to send in 2 of our modelling photos and 400 words as to why we should get through! Well i sent off my entry and got through! :D  
I was absolutely delighted about it!

But now there is a voting contest on facebook and i could really use all the support i can get to win! 
I am currently in 2nd place but I'm still a bit behind for the first place slot! 

If you wouldnt mind taking a moment out to vote for me HERE, it would be much appreciated! 
You can also vote daily! 

This is my picture for the contest in case any of you don't know:

I really appreciate all the votes i can get and all the support i have gotten so far!

Thank you so much! 

Stay Beautiful


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