Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes To Cucumbers Review

On the 19th of October I attended a bloggers meet organized by the lovely Samantha Johnston from AllTheBuzz. This was a fantastic event with amazing goodie bags! Today I am going to review one of the products called Yes To Cucumbers.

On first impressions I was a bit nervous to use this product solely based on how sensitive my skin is and how I don’t know how it’ll react with new products but I bit the bullet and started using it.
I was having a bit problem with spots and black heads around my chin that just would not go away and after a week or so of using Yes To Cucumbers I started to see a difference in my skin. The continuous development of spots on my chin had stops and my skin became a lot clearer.
I was delighted with this!
The only thing I found a bit strange about it and still do even now is that it doesn’t foam when massaging it into my skin. It’s not really a complaint but every time I use the product I expect it to foam just from past cleansers I have used doing this.

There were a couple of days during the time I have been using this product that I got lazy and didn’t do my night routine which involves cleansing my skin with this. 
And boy did I pay the price…
I developed a couple of spots on my face which were back with a vengeance but with regular use of Yes To Cucumber again I managed to subside them.  Since then I have not missed a night using it.
I have to say that I really do love this product and will continue to use it and am planning to get some more products from this range!

I rate this product 10/10 based on my own experience with it and recommend it to anyone who are having problems with their skin. But all I have to say it don’t expect result immediately, this product needs regular use to do its job properly.

Thanks for reading guys!

Stay Beautiful


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