Monday, September 2, 2013


I recently worked with Erin/ MyPaperMacheMind on a small shoot we put together very quickly.
I absolutely love working with Erin as she is a good friend of mine and a fantastic photographer! 

Erin is the person who first introduced me to the modelling world which has helped me become more confident in myself and helped me meet so many more awesome people!

Now that I'm going back to college it will be harder for me to do more photoshoots so i was thrilled to do this shoot with Erin.

Erin came over to my house late after noon and we rummaged through all my stuff to find an outfit to fit the idea for the shoot in her mind. She then did my make up and hair then we got moving for the shoot. I looked a bit crazy walking to the location and kept my head down walking along the street. XD
It was quite hilarious.

We got some lovely shots though that Erin and I are very happy with!

'And then she realised'


'The wasted land'
'There is a point when we all break'
'She could hear them, in the distance - and she was powerless'

'But in the end, her death, was glorious.'

I absolutely love working with Erin and will hopefully will be working with her again soon! 

Check out Erin's Fabulous work here:

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