Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starbucks...a new experience

I'm very new to the world of coffee, I don't think I ever drank it while living in Galway which was for about 4 years. I've been a dedicated tea drinker for as long as I can remember. I started drinking coffee in the last couple of weeks since I moved to Dublin. I found myself getting addicted to the smell of coffee Beans and craving it more and more. 
I was in my work placement one day and my manager brought me in a cup of coffee, I was weary at first. I drank it and found it quite nice but at the same time didn't feel the need to drink more.
It's wasn't until one morning when I was feeling extremely tired and had a long busy day ahead of me that i decided to go and get a cappuccino from insomnia coffee in my home town...and it seemed I was hooked after that. 
I've taken to going to Starbucks now for my coffee mainly. I went to the one on Dame Street in Dublin and it was probably the first time I had properly been in Starbucks and had the full experience. I wrote in my last blog about my shopping day that i had enjoyed my trip to Starbucks but I felt the need to write a full blog on it now after just becoming totally hooked on the place. The first time I went in I ordered a caramel frappuchino. This is the iced coffee that comes with cream and caramel on top as well. I absolutely love these and have for while but again haven't had one in years. When I was ordering my coffee the guy behind the counter was just lovely and I had a lovely chat with him as my coffee was being made. It really made my experience in there so much more enjoyable. Every time I go in the staff are all just lovely and always up for a chat. Although I'll admit each time I go in I am always on the look out for this specific guy to chat to. He was just so lovely and bubbly. i told a couple of my friends about it and it seems they all have a specific person they love over the other staff in there, I guess everyone has a Starbucks crush :3 
I hadn't sit in there before and this week I went in to have a coffee and sit down to study for awhile. Even though the place is quite busy it just has a really nice atmosphere in the place that is really relaxing. Of course the cherry on top is they have free wifi for people to browse happily while enjoying their delicious coffees. Infact I'm sitting in Starbucks right now while writing this. 

I feel like I'm rambling on now so ill end this blog on a happy note that if you like coffee and have not tried a Starbucks then you should go in, have a nice look at the menu and just order your coffee whatever way you like it, if you wanna be fussy about it then do! Get it done whatever way you want! 

I hope you will enjoy it as much as me! (I feel like I'm betraying my name now because of this blog I still love my usual cup of tea as well so don't be fooled!) :D
Anyway people, I'm off to get my hair done now in Preen, Dublin. Will also be posting a blog about that later so keep an eye out!

Stay Beautiful <3 


Question: Have you had a nice Starbucks experience you want to share? What's your order going in? :D

Mine's: Grande cappuchino with a caramel shot, and sometimes a caramel frappuchino with cream on top <3

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